Sunday, April 29, 2007

This is the beam that needs to be replaced. There will be a solid wall between the engine and radiator area.

Here's Ron comparing the old fan to the new one, BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

The newly mounted fan

The new floor under the radiator and the new beam welded in

April 29

The new fan is mounted, the beam has been replaced, but, now, another beam needs to be replaced, as you will see. There is now a solid metal wall between the back part of the radiator and the engine area. He will be installing another metal wall between the front part of the radiator and the engine area. With the bigger fan and the leaks all sealed out, we should never have another overheating problem again!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The view from the top, with all this power, just MAYBE Ron will stop checking the state of the amp gauge!!!!

Looking from the side view, they are hardly noticeable

Making a bigger shroud for the new fan

Inner beam in photo, just inside bumper will be replaced as bottom half is rusted out, same with the other side

Notice how big the new red one is compared to the old black one

Let the work begin!

April 25

Well, it's almost 2 months later and we're still here in Fontana! But, things have been progressing steadily on the bus and I think we can see light at the end of the tunnel for this particular bit of work on the bus. This past Saturday, we finally got the bus turned around so Oscar can start working on the back of the bus. He's got several things to do, namely put a bigger fan in for the radiator, fix the walls around the radiator to stop the excess air leaks from coming in and to fabricate a new door to cover the engine. The new one will be mostly mesh grillwork to let excess heat from the engine escape. Also, he's going to realign the bumpers and attach the rear visors to the bus. Ron also bought the paint, so Oscar can match the new bay doors to the rest of the bus.
Ron has also been at work, he finally installed the last two solar panels to the roof. We're hoping we really should be out of here in the next 1-2 weeks...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Looking at it from afar

As it looks from the outside

The inset dead bolt and door handle

Due to the thickness of the door, Ron wondered how he was going to get a dead bolt in there. They inset the dead bolt and it looks nice. It will look even better when we decide how to cover the door. In the following picture, the new deadbolt and door handle are on and we think it looks great. Also, the door was realigned and it looks a lot better than it was.

The door is ready for the new deadbolt and door handle

The new flooring set in, but, not permanently installed yet.

The floor is out and the wiring and other stuff exposed

The old flooring ready to come out

April 14

Things are finally coming together, more and more little projects are getting done. Ron has been over at the bus working for two days now, mainly working at putting the last of the flooring in, then, it will be done. Oscar, who is doing all the work on the bus, says it should only take about 8 days to two weeks to finish the rest of the stuff...we'll see about that...enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This next picture looks a little strange, I'll admit. The stove is way down low, the fridge way up high. But, we don't want to have to bend over any lower than we have to when getting something out of the lower part of the fridge. I'm sure once we get everything arranged, it won't look quite so bad...

...all the way forward...which do we choose?

All the way back to the wall or....

A view of the six panels currently on the roof, two more will be going up soon at the far end

New rubber around the eyebrow windows

Saturday, April 7, 2007

New rubber around the windshield

The windows back in with the new rubber

The windows are out

The finished opening for the stove

April 7 - Happy Easter Everyone!

It's been two weeks since I posted any pictures. Work seems to be going slower than normal. the guy working on our bus has started working on the side windows, to give his knees a break from doing all that kneeling while working on the bay doors. He's gotten all the new rubber and felt installed on the windows and even successfully took out and re installed the windshield with new rubber, which looks really nice. When he went to take out the eyebrow window, one side cracked, so now we need to put in a new window. Oh well, these things happen...So, I do have a few pictures to post. Hopefully, there will be more in the coming days.