Thursday, April 9, 2009

We even did the back, but, not the two little side windows in the very back, because of the ridges. We'll have to think of something else for those.

We even had them make shades for the eyebrow window and the wheels, we just don't have them on yet.

See how well it fits?

As I said before, we're in Fontana, Ca, but, before we left Yuma, we did have something done to the bus. We stopped at at place called Sewmasters, where they make sun shades for RV's and had some made for us. We are very pleased with the way they came out, especially the front windshield area. As you can see, we had them made for the side windows, too, so now when we open our windows, we have "screens", to keep the bugs out. Of course, it won't keep them all out, but, it should keep the bigger ones, like flies out, anyway.

Our last port of call was Ensenada, MX, where we didn't get off, just took pictures and soaked up the city skyline

Our awesome waiters; Moe, assistant waiter, Wilmer, head waiter, and Velko, an assistant in training, super, super guys! t

Suzy Webber decided to have a little fun with a condom, a shot glass and some alka seltzer...

I decided to splurge and have this yummy looking drink, a mudslide

The last formal night

Here we are dancing to "My Little Grass Shack"

Part of our group, see how beautiful we all look with our Hawaiian finery? There's me, Fran & Darlene Miller

While we were on our cruise, there were hula dancing lessons, which were held out by the pool. Of course, I wanted to learn as well as Fran. We found out later, we would be doing an exhibition for our fellow passengers of what we had learned during our two weeks on board. It was part of a greater show with other Hawaiian talents. Here we are doing our thing for everyone!

I'm not quite sure what we're doing here, but, looks like we're having fun!

Here's another way to wear them...

Ta Da! How do we look?

Here Fran & I are attending a class on how to wear our sarongs

Are these two people goofy or what???

Cathy Robnik, Fran & Bill Rayner, John Robnik, Ron & Jack, getting ready to play cards

Dancing to the 50's night

Jack & Ron waiting for the 50's/60's bash to start

Ron, me and Jack

Ron & Jack had the good fortune to be invited to visit the bridge

One of the many yummy desserts we had every night

Our first formal dinner night

Here we are at our lei making class; me, Darlene Miller, Cathy Robnik and Fran Rayner

Thursday, April 9

The last pictures I posted were what we did off the ship in the different ports we were in, the next pictures will be of the fun we had on board. Our friend, Jeanne, always had her camera at the ready, so a lot of them will be the ones she took and another friend, Fran, took some, too.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jack & I waiting for the bus, Jeanne's taking the picture

A Puka Dog, which is an Hawaiian hotdog, an island favorite

If you click on this picture for a blowup, you may just see a surfer standing on his board with a long oar. Apparently, it is very popular in Hawaii..

Checking out the water temperature...BRRR!! Almost as bad as the water off San Diego.

Jeanne & I showing off our purchases in front of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, the father of international surfing

On the second day we were in port, Ron was feeling under the weather, so he stayed on the ship and Jack, Jeanne & I went shopping in downtown Waikiki...

Two happy guys sitting on a beach wall...

As we drove around Diamond Head, we kept seeing lots of chickens, this is one picture that Jeanne got, isn't he pretty?

Looking at the ocean on Kualoa Ranch where we stopped for lunch

This cute guy was stopping lots of traffic

Ron found a coconut on the beach

Near Sunset Beach

Isn't he beautiful?

Typical Sunday beach crowd

Driving along the North Shore of Oahu

After we left the plantation, we saw these pineapple fields down the road.

Did you know there were different varieties of pineapple??? We were surprised...


Standing in front of the Dole Pineapple Plantation