Monday, June 29, 2009

Today, we left Idaho and entered Montana. We're finally in another state we've never been in and all things we see will be brand new to us. Currently, we are staying at the Elks in Kalispel, and tomorrow, we will go sightseeing in Glacier Nat'l Park.

An antique grader, about 125 to 130 years old

Later that same day, we dropped by the Gage's oldest son's house. Here is Ron pettying Britches, isn't she just the cutest thing?

This is by far, our closest view of a deer yet. Notice she still has parts of her winter coat...

You'll have to click on this for a closeup, but, these are twin fawns, reminded me of Bambi and Feline

Mama is voicing her displeasure on our close proximity to her nest, which was very high above us

Ron put on his zoom lens and got this great shot of a mama Osprey landing on her nest

Our hosts and friends, Jack & Betty

Me and Buttons

These next few pictures are of sights around Lake Pende Reille, pronounced ponderay. The size of this lake rivals Lake Coeur D'Alene, boy, they grow lakes big around here!

After cutting and splitting a few, they loaded up the truck to take it to the shed

Ron getting ready to split a log

Looks like a perfect place for a moose to hang out, but, didn't see one while there...

A better look at it

The lake in front of their house, right behind this bush is a beaver dam

This is our new bus friend's house, Jack & Betty Gage.

On the way to Sandpoint, we saw this oldtimer, cute, huh?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Thursday, we took our leave of Carol & Richard and thanked them so much for their hospitality in letting us stay on the property with them. We had a great visit and hope to come back soon. Our next stop is where we are right now. We decided since we were traveling this summer, to visit as many of our fellow bus club members as we could, and one lived in Sandpoint, ID. So, Ron called them up and they urged us to stop in for a visit. So, that is where we are right now. We are back in Idaho, but, now the northern half, we can now say we have been in Idaho, (one of the states we hadn't traveled through prior to this). These members are such nice people. The wife has many health problems so they may be forced to sell their bus, as she can't travel anymore.

We are parked in a grass driveway, right below where their house sits. They (and us), have a beautiful view of a lake across the street. There is even an active beaver dam on our side of the lake, but, we haven't seen the beavers yet. Maybe we will before we leave on Monday.

The first day we got here, they took us on a drive around the area. We didn't really think to take the camera, (BIG MISTAKE!!), as we saw a mama moose and her two babies!!! Our first moose sighting ever!! Hopefully, not the, our friends had a guy coming out to split their wood for them and Ron helped mark the wood, split some of the logs and loaded the wood into their shed. He's going to really feel it tomorrow, as he wasn't wearing his back brace. Tomorrow, we are going for a drive to Clark Fork, which looks to be right on the state line with Montana. Should be a fun trip. I'll have pictures to share tomorrow, so stay tuned...

Dining at the Wolf Lodge, we beat the crowd!

Downtown Coeur D'Alene

Looks like they have seaplane rentals

We'll have to take one of these tours on our next visit

If you click to enlarge, you will see a colorful sailboat

Ron, Carol and Richard standing on the floating bridge

We got back to the Lamb's on Wednesday, early afternoon. I was just sitting in the bus, putting things away, when Carol came in and wanted to know if we wanted to drive to Lake Coeur D'Alene, since the last time we were in that direction, it was raining. So, we said, SURE!! So, off we went and parked down by the lakefront, which also happened to be right in the downtown area. We walked on the world's longest floating bridge right around the marina and the Coeur D'Alene Inn. It was a beautiful area. After we walked around for awhile, Carol happened to mention a really good steak place just a bit east of the lake, so we decided to go there for dinner. For those of you who have eaten at Pinnacle Peak's, it's kind of like that and the steaks were just so tender! I highly recommend going there if you're going to be in the area.

A somewhat closer look at the logs

This was only one of two logging mills we saw, this being the biggest one, notice the big crane

Back in Washington again

We took a different route back, taking Rte 3, but, this is part of 395 on the Canadian side, going into the Laurier border crossing

The Canadian sign for a logging truck

This was a very colorful train tunnel

Downtown Greenburg, made to look like an old mining town, which it used to be

Driving through Greenburg, B.C., a town that used to be a copper boomtown

We had a wonderful visit, but, it was definitely too short, before we had to head back. I know Casey ate well, while we were there, now he has to deal with his own cooking...the following pictures are of different sights we saw on the way back to Elk, WA.

This little cutie was walking through the yard looking for something good to nibble on

I noticed after I took the picture of the road below us that there is a really large rock in the foreground

This looks like an original log cabin

Notice the foundation on this beauty

An old farm on a backcountry road

This bridge connects the two halves of the town. This is Casey's dog, Amy