Thursday, November 29, 2007

The cargo bays are getting all new sheet metal, wood and linoleum

Wiring the AC main breaker

The breaker boxes, on the right is the 12 volt, on the left is the the 110.

This is the closet area of the bathroom, but, I'll only get the front half of it

This is a shelf Ron put up near the eyebrow window, I thought it would be a good place to put a plant

Another view

This is what the bus looks like with all the visors on it

November 29, 2007

Hi everyone! Well, we finally got our computer back this week, so I can finally post some more pictures. We've been here at the Fontana Elks Lodge since the end of October while having the work done on the bus. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, the bus should be done, but, we're going to hang around a few more days because our friend, who is going to be bringing his bus over there tomorrow, is going to help Ron with our holding tanks. They are going to be marking out where the new fittings are going to go on the tanks. That shouldn't take too long and then after that, we plan on heading down to Camp Pendleton Marine base in Oceanside. They have a real nice wood shop there and Ron wants to finish up the cabinets in the bus. I also want everyone to know that my ankles are doing well. I can walk normally now in regular shoes and that is the greatest feeling there is. Now, on with the pictures...

Monday, November 5, 2007

If you look closely, the top visor is now done, solid all the way across, compared to the first picture

He's almost done, looks pretty snazzy doesn't it? Now all we need to do is give the bus a much needed bath!

What it's going to look like from the side

The rear sun visor getting installed

Here I am with my boot on, if you click on the picture, you can see it better

A better picture of the solar monitor and the inverter controller

November 5

In just a few days, my computer is going to go bye bye to the computer doctor. Somehow, the hinge on the lid of my laptop broke and the monitor is starting to split apart. So, I am going to try and have Ron take as many pictures as he can, so I can post them, before I have to send it away. Here are a few right now. I also have a picture of me with just the one walking boot on. Just picture me with two boots like that and two crutches, man, I was a mess! But, now I'm fine, I have both feet back in regular shoes and am getting around fairly well. Now, on with the pictures...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Solar monitor and inverter controller

Charge controller wiring completed

Wiring up the Blue Sky 3024i Solar Controllers

November 2

Hello all! Well, here we are already, in a new month! The end of the year is not that far away. I am doing very well, my two feet are back in regular shoes, my walking boots are a thing of the past. I do have a picture of myself with my one boot on, maybe I'll post that another time. After I got out of rehab, I stayed one night in the rig, then we drove south to Florence, which is on the coast, to stay with friends. I had a nice little house to get around in, which was good for me. While we were there, Ron helped our friend Frank, put up sheet rock on their room addition and get it ready to paint. Frank helped Ron wire the solar panels on the bus to the inverter. We left Florence on Friday, October 26, to head south. We had some Boomer friends to help us drive the rigs down. We got into Fontana, Ca on Monday afternoon and set up in the same Elks lodge we were in before we went up to Oregon for our summer jobs. The bus is over getting some unfinished work done on it. As that work progresses, I'll be posting it on the blog. The pictures going up tonight will be the wiring done in Oregon.