Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm not sure what's happening with the "insert image" on blogspot, but, it does not look like it used to and I can't figure out how to add my pictures to my blog. A little box comes up with nothing about browsing to get pictures, I try to add them, but, nothing happens, does anyone know what's going on? Until I figure that out, there will be no pictures to see and I wanted to put some up about the Dalton Defender Days...

Saturday, Oct 9

Hi all, well, we just finished our fourth week of working and we're starting to come alive again. It used to be that on our first day off, we'd just be drugged, at least, I was. I would be sooo tired, all I wanted to do was NOTHING!! But, I must be getting used to the job, because now I'm feeling perkier by the the next day.

We have been enjoying beautiful weather this past week, today is just as beautiful with temps around 80, a nice day to have off. I have found a massage therapist here in town, so plan on making an appointment for next week. After folding boxes all day, I'm sure my shoulders are pretty tight and a nice massage would feel wonderful! I have been visiting a chiropractor since we got here and he's been helping me a lot. I know I'm in much better shape now than I was before we came into town and I credit him for getting me back into alignment.

Last weekend we went to Dalton Defender Days here in Coffeyville, a re-enactment of the day the Dalton Gang tried to rob two banks in town. The men of the town stepped up and ended up killing all but one of the robbers. There was the re-enactment, food vendors, a car show, crafters of all kinds, buggy rides around town, cowboy poetry, hot dog and pie eating contests, as well as a cake walk. It was a very small town celebration, but, still fun. The highlight for me was having cloggers come up from Tulsa to put on an exhibition. That is what I miss a lot about traveling, I LOVE to clog and it's hard when you're on the road all the time. We came right through prime clogging country and not once did I get to clog with anyone. At least I know that there is a clogging club in Tulsa, if we ever come through there in the future.