Saturday, March 5, 2011

The black around my toes is the silver nitrate they used. Once it is all healed up, I will probably soak my feet to get rid of all the build up of scabs around the nails, so it will look better, but, the black around them will just have to wear away, I guess.

I've got to say that if I'd only had one toe done, like the doctor suggested, I probably wouldn't have gone back to have the other one done. The pain has been like a burning sensation and has been pretty intense at times. Pretty soon, I will be looking back on this as something I had to have done and I'm glad I did it. It beats having to deal with the pain on a regular basis if I don't trim my toenails just right.

Later today, we are going to a Boomer happy hour/hors d'oeuvres potluck for all the Boomers in the Yuma area. It works out perfect for us, since we are leaving on Monday, this way, we can visit with everyone and say good bye until next winter.

As it is, we've been busy visiting our friends, Jack & Jeanne, who are visiting for the week from Benson. When we get to the San Diego area on Monday, we'll be doing a lot of visiting there, too. If any of you reading this are going to be in the San Diego area for the next three weeks, we'd LOVE to get together with you!!!

One week after the procedure

As you can tell by this photo, there are are some pretty strange things to see in Quartzsite during this time of year....

On another note, a week ago, last Friday, I finally got my ingrown toenails taken out. Ron had it done about 11 years ago and he hasn't had a problem since. So, now it was my turn. The most painful part of the whole procedure was the three shots per toe that I got...OW!!!! But, after that, I was totally numb and didn't feel a thing, which was a very good thing. I had both sides of each toenail on both toes done. The worst one was the left side of my right toe, so of course, it looks worse than the right one and it's hurt the longest.

I took a picture today and they are healing pretty well, even though it looks like they'd really hurt. I forgot to take a picture of when they were first done, but, you probably wouldn't have wanted to see them anyway. They still don't look that much better, but, believe me, they are.

or is it a car....?

Is it a boat....

Saturday, March 5

I was looking at some pictures I had in my blog file and remembered that I did take some pictures in Quartzsite. My friend, Sue Pace & I had gone on a "girls day out" and in the parking lot where we parked the car, we saw this one weird thing.