Saturday, June 30, 2007

A far away picture of what the shower looks like so far

This next picture is of Ron drilling the screws into the wall. Just to let you know, we bought a shower tub enclosure, but, realized after we got it home, that it would just not work. It was the fiberglass walls that were going to be a problem, so we said, okay, we'll just tile the walls. Well, now Ron is finding out that he may have problems with the round glass doors...stay tuned on that problem...Ahh yes, the painting we said we were going to check on. Well, one place wanted almost $3000 to just spot paint and that was with our $1,000 worth of paint we already had!! The second place we checked wanted $1200, so Ron has decided he's going to just use some Rustoleum on the grillwork, as that shows signs of starting to rust and the galvanized metal should be fine until we get back to Fontana, so Oscar can finish the rest of the work plus the painting, that we've really already paid him for.
This picture shows the wall is a perfect fit and now all Ron has to do is drill the screws into the holes and into the wall.

The holes it makes for the screws

Ron using his handy little tool

The pocket hole tool

This is the board, all cut out and ready to be installed in the shower area.

What I forgot to mention was Ron makes a pattern on the cardboard from the scribe, then, cuts the lines and then goes back inside to measure it to see if it's going to fit right, if it doesn't, he fine tunes it a little, cuts a little more, until it's a perfect fit. It then is ready to be put on the plywood, draw lines and then cut out the plywood so it looks like this next picture.

Here it is, waiting to be put on the plywood for a pattern.

Now, here as you can see, he has pieced together some cardboard in the shape of the wall

Here is a better view of the jig ready for Ron to work with it

What's nice about a jig, is that you can position it right next to where you want to put a wall. You have pieces of cardboard and a scribe to match the curves and how you're going to cut out your cardboard. I'm sure Ron can explain it a lot better than I can, but, in the following pictures, you will get the idea of what I'm trying to tell you. :)

This is a jig that Ron put together to help build the walls

The start of the new bedroom cabinets

June 30, 2007

Hi all, I noticed the last time I updated this was around the 23rd of May. At that time, I had put up some pictures of the finished work from Fontana and even included some pictures of the bus up here at our compound. Our bus friends, Dan & Marge visited with us and Dan helped Ron put the drain in the shower. He also started helping Ron build some cabinets back by the bed. Like I said, he's just started them and so far they are just shells of what they are going to look like. Here's a couple of pictures to let you see what they look like so far. The bottom part is probably going to be one or two drawers and then the top area on each side of the bed and the overhead will be cabinets.