Friday, September 12, 2008

Right after we got the flames working on the stove, Ron started working on hooking up the instant water heater so we could have hot water. Initially, we had a hard time getting the water to come out, but, found out that it was the wiring that had come loose. After he got that fixed, there was running water, but, it wasn't getting hot. So, he checked the propane tanks. One was empty, and the other one should have been working, but, for some reason the gauge was showing empty. Ron was getting pretty frustrated by this time, so he took both of them out, and went to fill the one and top off the other. What he ultimately found out as the reason it wouldn't work was the fact that there was a leak around the fittings near the water heater. He commented that it was weird how the propane system was smarter than we were by shutting down everything until the leak was fixed. Anyway, we now have hot water.

A closer view

If you click on this picture, it will show you an enlarged view of flames coming out of the burners

Looking at the gas line coming over from the stove, the top one is going towards the hot water heater

The first of two propane bottles to be hooked up

Friday, September 12

Hi everyone! I just looked to see when I last posted and it's been a month ago! How time flies when you are working 40 hours a week! Well, I know you all will be thrilled to hear that we are finally living in our bus!!! This last week we worked hard to move all the stuff we wanted to take into the bus. Compounding the problem was the fact that the desert heat just did not want to let up! With 100+ degree heat dogging our every step, we just tried to get through it as fast as possible. What was really nice was our boss let us move into a park model across from our site so we could freely move stuff into the bus and also put stuff into the Airstream to store for later, without our having to live in either one.

It was nice being in air conditioned comfort while being able to cook and not having to worry about heating up the rig. The last day we were there, we had a super duper thunderstorm that knocked out the power all over the campground, so we were wondering if our last night there would be in the heat, but, thankfully, the power was restored and we once again had that cooling air.

On Wednesday, we drove the Airstream down to Yuma to store it on the Marine base in their storage lot. We left pretty early in the morning, to beat the worst of the heat, since there is no air in the rig. By the time we got down there, even though it wasn't that hot yet, the humidity was terrible, like I couldn't get my breath. We were glad to get out of there and headed back to Blythe in our nice air conditioned Jeep. We got back in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day packing the rest of our stuff in the bus.

We left early Thursday morning to again beat the heat as we headed towards Riverside County. We are now parked at the Elks lodge in Fontana until Monday morning. We are headed north to Walnut Creek to sell pumpkins and Christmas trees, but, don't have to be there until the 24th, so we are just moseying up the coastal route on Hwy 101, to see the sights and visit friends.

The bus is running great and the ride is very comfortable. We are so glad to be traveling together in just ONE rig at last. I do have some pictures to post of Ron getting the instant hot water heater up and running. We will also have more pictures coming of what the inside living area looks like with the TV and stuff in their places. We still have work to do in the bus, but, at least it is livable and we're making do until we get the other stuff done.