Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ron will also be putting up the same board in the kitchen aisle, around the drivers seat and the steps going into the coach. He may put that in right before the guy comes out to tile everything so we're not walking on it so much.

Hotter weather is coming, supposed to get up to 107 on Sunday, wonder if that hotter weather is around to stay, now that the Memorial Day holiday is right around the corner. We'll let you know how we're handling it. So far, with the temps in the high 90's, both coaches are staying cool enough to be comfortable.

As you can see, we're putting tile up the sides of the aisle, next to the cabinet and the carpeting in the bedroom will meet it

The shower area

The second wall is up

Looking to where the composting toilet will sit, on top of the tile

Looking towards the bedroom

One wall is done

These next pictures show Ron putting the backer board up in preparation for the tile going into the bathroom/shower area. We're driving to L.A. next week to pick up the tile we're going to use. Ron called the tile guy and he's working on a 3 week job, so hopefully, when he's done he'll come out here to work on ours. That is the one of the main reasons Ron wanted to get the swamp coolers operating, so the tile guy could work in a cool environment.

This shows it coming out of the wall and into the gray water tank

On that last picture, I mean to say the gas tank nozzle...

Coming out of the drain, going around the gas tank and over to the tank

Another view

This is the result of his reconfiguration

Wednesday, May 14

Guess it's been more than a few days since I last posted, I don't know how that happens. Last time I wrote, Ron had just finished getting the swamp coolers up and running and then was having problems with the water pump. We ended up driving to Buena Park to the ShurFlo company to have it tested. Of course, it worked fine, but, they gave us a new one anyway, even though it was out of warranty. The new one is working great and the swamp coolers are keeping the bus cool and comfortable while Ron works inside. Ron's next project was re-doing the shower drain. Because the drain now is going to sit lower than it did before, Ron had to reconfigure how he was going to run the water pipe. In the following pictures, you'll see how he accomplished this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday, May 3

Hi everyone, well, I thought I better update you on what's been happening with us. The last time I wrote, I mentioned Ron was going to work on the swamp coolers to get them running. Last Friday, he spent 7 1/2 hours on them. The front one went pretty well, but, of course, the back one didn't even want to run right. The first sign of trouble was when the float didn't work and the reservoir overflowed. And guess where it overflowed to? Right down into the bedroom...fortunately, it didn't get on the bed, but, it wasn't far away!! I had three buckets sitting around catching all the water. He did manage to finally get the float working properly and then the next thing was centering the fan squarely in the middle of the shroud so the blades wouldn't scrape the side. He finally got it right and we had both swamp coolers running well with cool air coming out. It was great....of course, it was short lived. Let me explain that statement. I can't remember if it was that same day or the next day, but, Ron walked over to the sink to fill up his glass with filtered water and it stopped flowing. We're both wondering what was going on and Ron went outside to check all the hoses. He did discover that a fuse had blown, so replaced it. But, he's thinking that the water pump isn't working like it should and it's brand new. So, he's going to call ShurFlo and see what's going on.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, he started putting in the new shower drain, which he has in now. He also had to put up additional walls for the shower, because of the shower becoming smaller than it originally was going to be. I forgot to take pictures of Ron working on the swamp coolers, it would have been interesting to see the water overflowing the reservoir, but, I wasn't up there and we didn't think about it. I could have taken a picture of the water coming down from the ceiling, but, at the moment it happened, that was the furthest thing from my mind. But, Ron did take pictures of the new shower drain and pipe going into the tank. He had to modify it somewhat from what it was and you will see what I'm talking about when you see the picture. I'll probably post those later today, after I get off work.

Thursday, we went to town to look at some more tile and we found some that we liked. Yes, we had picked out tile while we were in Yuma, but, we feel kind of weird ordering it from them, because we were going to have them install it and now we've found someone else to do the work for a lot less. We also found some carpet which is on sale, so Ron is going to order it now for the sale price, but, have it installed after the tile is in.

The weather has not been that bad, although last Monday was a real scorcher. But, I heard it was a scorcher for the entire southern California area, so we were not unique. I think we were tied with a lot of areas that got up into the triple digits and they weren't all in the desert! Now, we're back to temps in the low to mid 90's. It's slowly getting up there, but, it's so subtle, that we hardly notice it and when it does get cooler, (like in the low 80's), we think it's cold! I'll have to take pictures of our yard again, the grass is really getting thick and green and my flowers are doing well, too. We may be going out on the river on a co-worker's boat next week on one of our days off, so that will be fun. You'll probably see pictures of that, too. For any of you reading this who may be in our area at all this summer, we would welcome any and all visits and you can see for yourself how well the bus is coming along. Ron says we should be living in it by summers end, as he still has the propane system to do so we can cook on our stove, hot water for showers and have heat in the winter.