Friday, January 25, 2008

We have even more pictures to post, but, first we have to take them! We want to show you how the cabinet work, counter tops and fixtures all came out. Ron has been busy putting in fittings for the tanks, so stay tuned, I should be posting them in the next day or so...

But, the work must go on....

DARN! We're missing happy hour!

Thanks for the help, guys!

Bruce helping Ron get out from under the bus

A little help from our friends


The dueling cameras

Our friends Jack & Bruce are helping out

Drilling the bolts to anchor in the holding tanks

Ron is pre drilling holes in the angle iron to anchor the holding tanks in the bay

This is Jim McIntosh, sharpening drill bits for Ron

Our new kitchen counter! (it looks prettier in person)

Part of the living room cabinets

The finished bathroom counter

The owner of the cabinet shop standing next to our counter for the living room

Measuring the cabinet to fit

Checking to see how the sink fits

Using the belt sander

Another view of the glue setting up

This guy did such a good job, as you will see...

Working on the counters at the cabinet shop

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone!! Yeah, yeah, I know, how come I haven't updated our BLOG recently? Well, we've been BUSY!! We are now in Quartzsite with all the rest of the Boomers and Ron has been really working hard on the bus. We started sleeping in the nice comfy bed in the bus since January 1st, to start the new year right. It is so much better than the one in the Airstream, there is just no comparison.

We put the bus in the cabinet shop for a few days, before coming here to Q, so we have quite a few new changes in the bus since I last updated this, so will be posting some pictures of what has been done so far. A lot of the Boomers have seen first hand how great it looks inside. Like usual, the pictures just don't do the cabinet work justice, but, you'll get the idea. Hope you enjoy looking...