Friday, February 15, 2008

As I mentioned, we are now sitting on a lot out in the Foothills. Ron brought the bus over here for the weekend, to work on it. Supposedly, the cabinet shop will be ready on Monday to put the rest of the cabinets in, but, we'll see. We also want to have some tile installed on the bathroom floor and the shower walls, hopefully, BEFORE we head up to Blythe. Everything is going so slow and the end of the month will be here before we know it. So, stay tuned for more pics in the coming days...

This is the outside deck, looking toward the back, where the pool and one of the hot tubs are located

Here I am, back on the ship, standing in the Atrium, looking up at the floors and the glass elevator

Another view

Finally leaving Cabo on our way out to sea..

A strange sight on the sidewalk

In town enjoying a lunch of tacos and beer

The port of Cabo

Our friend, Gretchen, with her new friend

Here we are boarding the tender to go ashore

I don't think I told you this, but, we were all expecting warm weather down there, temps in the low 80's, but, in reality, it was only in the low 70's, with a cool breeze blowing. Nevertheless, I was determined to get some use out of my capris I brought along on the trip and as long as the sun stayed out, it was a fine day, as you will see..
Now, back to those cruise pictures...

Look at all those wires!

This one is behind the stove

In this picture, Ron is starting to wire up one of the outlets that will be going in the counter backsplash

Here's Ron finishing up the wiring in the entertainment center

Friday, February 15

Hi all, we have finally moved out of the SKP park in Yuma, the cell reception there was terrible. I more often than not was kicked off the air with the computer, so ended up not even trying to get on. We moved to a friend's lot in the Foothills, so we can work on the bus. I also am getting excellent reception for the air card, so will have no more problems getting online. We'll be here until the end of the month and then head up to Blythe, CA to start work for the summer. While I was posting pics the other night, I forgot to put some on there of Ron wiring some outlets preparatory to having the rest of the counters installed. So, here they are. I'm also putting some additional pics of Cabo up there, too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This area is known as Lands End, they filmed the original "Planet of the Apes", here

Our ship the Carnival Elation

Ron & I all dressed up for our formal dinner

All of our friends on the cruise

A sub....up close and personal!

If you click on the picture, you'll be able to see the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado in the corner

Bye, bye, San Diego...

We took a week off from working on the bus and went on a mini cruise to Cabo San Lucas, leaving out of San Diego. We went with about 40 Boomer couples and had a blast. The following pictures are of some highlights of the cruise.

Our first wall decoration in the living room

The bathroom sink fixtures and the plumbing below

A view of the entertainment center

This is the living room cabinets, I think they did a great job of matching the upper cabinet wood

A better view of the kitchen fixtures

The new cabinet doors beneath the sink

February 12

Hi everyone, sorry it has taken me so long to post any pictures. The day I wanted Ron to take the finished cabinet pics was the day it rained, so the lighting was not the best. We now have those pictures, plus some we took on our mini cruise to Cabo San Lucas that we went on last week. Would you believe that it wasn't very warm down there, I was expecting 80 degree weather and the day we were there it was only 73. We are now back in Yuma, enjoying that 80 degree weather, YES!!