Saturday, March 29, 2008

I will try and take some up to date pictures, so you can see the difference the leaves have made, especially on our site, with the bus parked next to us. The work on the bus will continue, but, until the tiling starts, you won't be seeing anything dramatic , after all, wiring is just not that exciting to look at. So, we'll try and report on things we do around here, which hasn't been much so far. We do plan on going to San Diego in the next two weeks, because we do have to pick the tile to go in the bathroom and shower and getting it in the big city will give us more choices.

The tent area does not have designated sites, you just pick the shadiest spot and set up

The trees you see will have plenty of shade for our campers come summertime

The pool and hot tub

Looking at our little peninsula that separates the lagoon from the river

The view of the Colorado River to the south

Another view of the park models and the lagoon

Looking at the boat ramp and the store, the dock has a gas pump

Looking towards the I-10 freeway

This is a view of the park models and the lagoon

Our site at the beginning of March, it looks a lot better now

Our site, the tree in front is now beginning to leaf out and will provide some nice shade

Saturday, March 29

I was looking over some past postings and noticed I promised some pictures of our campground. I haven't posted anything in the past few days, because Ron has been trying to get the roof vents hooked up and since he works on it while I'm at work, it's hard to take pictures. Anyway, today, he got the 2nd one up and running. Next up, the swamp coolers. He was having a problem getting the wire to go through, but, guess he greased it somehow and down it went, so he's going to try the same thing to wire up the coolers. We really want to see how they are going to perform, we're already impressed with how well the vents work. In the meantime, I'll post some pictures of the campground. These were taken when we first got here, a month ago and at that time, most of the trees around here had no leaves on them, so it looks a little bare. But, now the leaves are starting to come out, so in another few weeks, it's going to look a lot different, more shady and lush. I also wanted to mention that we had another tile guy come out last week to see how much he'd charge to tile the bathroom and shower. His estimate came in a lot lower than the one in Yuma, plus we've seen his work on a bus at the rally in Quartzsite, so we know he does good work. He said he'd be willing to come out here to the campground to do the work, if it doesn't get too hot. Even if it does, we still have a spot to park the bus for him to work on it, so stay tuned on what's happening with that...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday, March 20

Here it is, a week later and I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures. Ron worked on the bus a little bit yesterday, mainly wired the outlets on the counter behind the passenger seat. Jerry & Nancy Hurley were in the neighborhood and since it was Nancy's birthday, we invited them over to visit and have a BBQ. We gave them a tour of the campground and had a great time. Today, Ron had to call AAA to have them come out and get the flat tire off the Airstream because he couldn't break the bolts himself. After the tire was off, he took it into town to get it fixed, since there was a big nail sticking out of it. So, he didn't get much done on the bus today. Tomorrow starts another work week for us, so Ron may or may not be doing much work on it until next week. But, here are the pictures as promised, it is looking really nice inside.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16

Hi everyone, we finally got our bus back from the cabinet shop just this past Thursday. We were told to come pick it up around 6 and they weren't done with it until 7PM. That means we got to drive it back up here to the KOA in Blythe in the dark. But, Ron is a happy camper, we got to park the bus in the site right next to us, so it's handy to work on again. He'll probably start doing that on our next day off, which is Wednesday. I'll be posting some pictures tomorrow night of the finished cabinetry in the bedroom and bathroom. It is really coming along, now all we need is to have the tile work done in the bathroom, so the cabinet shop can finish the counter work around the toilet area. I'll also post some pictures of the campground we are working at so you can see what we see every day. Stay tuned....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A better view of the drawers, don't you like our latches?

The cabinets behind my seat

A view of the other side

A closer look where the drawer will go

The new bedroom

Thursday, March 6

Today was our day off, so we drove down to Yuma to check on the bus. Ron kept saying the bus might be done by Friday or Saturday, but, when we finally got over there and talked to the owner, he said he would probably be done next Thursday. We're planning on heading towards the San Diego area next week on our days off, because we have dental appointments. So, the way it looks like right now is that on the way back on Thursday, we're going to swing by and pick up the bus and drive it back here to Blythe and park it in the storage lot at the KOA, so Ron can do some work on it. We'll let you know what happens...meanwhile, we did take some pictures of the cabinet work they've been working on lately...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday, March 3

Goodness, here it is March already. On my last post, I had mentioned having the bus with us for the weekend, and Ron managed to get a few things done on it before taking it in on Monday, but, in actuality, they didn't start the work until Tuesday morning. It is still there, as a matter of fact, but, may be done sometime this week. We were on our friend's lot for two weeks and never heard a word from the tile company, and finally the end of the month came and we had to head up here to the Blythe KOA to start our job. This morning, our first day at work, they called with the estimate. They are going to fax it to us and then we will decide whether to have the work done or not. Our friend said we could park the bus on his lot and he'd let them in to do the work if we'd like, so if the estimate is fairly reasonable, that is what we may do. I have no pictures right now, but, whether we do or don't have the tile work done, we still should have pictures soon when we get the bus back. So, hang in there and keep checking back...