Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is my closet

This is our closet without the cabinet around it, this is Ron's side

An up close view with the extreme vent on it, that other vent pipe is the gray water tank

That really long vent pipe cut down to a reasonable level

That white thing is the fan which will exhaust whatever odors straight up the vent to the outside

How it looks inside going through the cabinet

A closer look, you can see it touching the panel, something Ron is not happy about

Looking afar at what the vent pipe for the toilet looks like coming out of the roof

Wiring to the important stuff

This isn't a very good picture, but, you see the wires for the composting toilet ready to be installed on top of the tile

What you are seeing is just a temporary board, but, it will work for now

Working in 110+ heat inside the bus

Ron is working on the board for using the 12 volt heaters for the toilet

Wednesday, August 13

Hi all, well, a few days late, but, I finally have some more pictures to post. We are slowly but surely getting all the "must needs" done before we leave for the summer living in the bus. Ron has finished with the composting toilet and it is now up and running for the second time. It should work just as it is supposed to now, with all the heaters wired as they should be and the variable speed fan hooked up and running fine. Now, we can put it on low, medium or high, instead of one speed only. Ron's next project will be hooking up the propane system.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday, August 2

Hi all, well, for a few days I couldn't post anything, as somehow my BLOG showed up as spam, but apparently there was a glitch with Blogger and now they have it fixed. I do have some pictures that Ron took the other day, but, I haven't downloaded them off the camera yet. I will probably get to that sometime tomorrow. Well, as they say, out with the old and in with the new. Ron is so thoroughly disgusted with the two swamp coolers that we have, with them constantly having problems, that he just took them out permanently. He's going to install Maxx Air vents in their places and is looking to put a basement air conditioning unit in. We'll see how that goes, it won't be anything right away, because when we leave here, it won't be excessively hot where we're going. We actually won't have to worry about it until the next summer season.

We are doing well here, the temps for the past couple of days have been in the triple digit teens, but, by tomorrow through the rest of the week temps should be under 110 and at times around 105. We may even get a thunderboomer or two, that would be a welcome change...rain.

So, check back tomorrow or the next day and we should have some more pictures posted...