Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday, November 15

Hi everyone! How fast the time goes by when you're working long days, our pumpkin patch is long gone, with all the animals sold to good homes, except for the goats, who went home to their farm. We are now getting the lot set up to sell Christmas trees. We plan on taking some pictures of the lot with what we've done so far. We have half the poles striped with red ribbon, racks on the rails for the trees, the big tent is up to hold the flocked trees, plus the flocking tent is up, too. We still have to finish striping the rest of the poles, hang all the lights in the tent and decorate our booth. I hope to take the pictures tomorrow, Sunday. I'm also going to take some pictures of our new roller shades that we had installed the second week of October.

We are enjoying some great weather here, warm and clear, I almost feel like I'm back in southern California. I'm sure that is not going to last, so we have to enjoy it while we can. The leaves are turning and every day brings more color. We should be getting our trees delivered the weekend before Thanksgiving and start selling them the day after Thanksgiving. We're taking a few days off this week, to visit friends and get away from here for awhile, so we can be rested and refreshed for a busy Christmas season.