Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mt San Jacinto was over 8,000 ft and there was 2 ft of snow up there. In the picture where I'm throwing the snowball, if you click on it, you can see the snowball a lot better, and I hit him with it, too! :)

We are still at the TT Park, but, we are planning on leaving Monday morning. We have to drop the bus off at a bus member's house so he can install our new rear suspension. While he's doing that, we will be off on the Boomer cruise to Hawaii. We'll be staying the one night at his house, then, driving down to San Diego on Tuesday to do a bit of business before taking off on the cruise. We'll have lots of pictures to share of our trip to Hawaii, so stay tuned...

Notice all the big windows

Waiting for our ride back down the mountain

Here is Ron soaking up the warm sunshine

Here I am throwing a very large snowball at Ron

Looking back down at the Valley floor

The elevation at the bottom

We finally left Lake Havasu and headed for the Thousand Trails park in Palm Desert to hang out for a few days. Ron made the suggestion to ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway while we're here and I thought it was a great idea. The last time we went up there was on our honeymoon in Nov of 1979 when they still had the old cars. The new ones have rotating floors, so you can see in all directions without having to move around in the car. It was really quite a unique experience. There had been a big storm that came through the area a couple of days before we got here, so there was snow at the top. We walked all around in the snow and I almost wished we'd brought a sled or something so we could have slid down the hills, the kids looked like they were having so much fun.

A ground display

The crowds coming in for the Saturday evening show at Sara Park

A closer look

Part of the Boomer group at Craggy Wash

Saturday, February 21

Man, the time just seems to get away from me these days. We did go to Lake Havasu and had a wonderful time. There is a aqua center in Havasu, with an indoor swimming pool, two hot pools, a kiddie pool and a water slide. On the weekends they run the wave pool every 20 minutes for ten minutes each time and the water slide is open. We went on Sunday and must have gone down the water slide 20+ times, it was great fun! We also floated on the waves in an inner tube, which was very relaxing. Between times, we'd go sit in one of the hot pools and then do everything all over again. By the time we got home, I was ready for a nap! We didn't get any pictures of the water fun, but, I did get a picture of our little group parked at Craggy Wash which is north of town and some of the fireworks. We also managed to get to the Elks club in town for all you can eat ribs, (YUM!!) and all you can eat spaghetti. The Boomers celebrated Duane's birthday, as well, on Saturday, before seeing some great fireworks that night.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, February 8

Hi all, well, I really thought I would have additional pictures to show of the bus club rally, but, Ron's camera card started acting up and he lost all the pictures he took. The rally turned out to be a success, we had quite a lot of buses show up this year. The fact that we had a combined bus rally helped, along with the great weather. After we had a day to unwind of being hosts, we finally made it over to Boomerville to attend their annual rally. I didn't take any pictures because we always go and it's always the same every year. Lots and lots of rigs show up, we have a fantastic time, with more events happening on a daily basis than we can attend at the same time. Since we got there a few days late, we ended up staying after almost everyone had left.

We finally did leave and headed back down to Yuma to have some solar stuff done to the bus. We are still here, staying on a friend's lot in the Foothills. We did manage to get all new tires and new rims for the Jeep, which we hope to have mounted on Monday sometime. The tires are here, we're just waiting on the rims, now. We hope to leave on Tuesday to head for Lake Havasu for the annual Western Pyrotechnic Guild's fireworks. Since it's their 20 year anniversary, there will be five nights of fireworks for us all to watch. I know we'll be taking some pictures up there, so stay tuned...