Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our group of good friends

This is just the beginnings of the potluck feast we had

There were a few of our Boomer friends staying at the local fairgrounds at a rally so we got together for one of the days for a potluck. It was nice getting together and visiting.

It's done for now...

Ron did some painting so it won't rust and now it is ready for the installation of the generator

Finally, Ron hired a welder to come help

This is the wiring going from the generator over to where the outlet box is going to be

In the process of cutting the upper half

Looking at the upper decking to be cut

The lower half cut out

Here he is cutting the deck plate on the lower half

He starts by cutting the trim off

Ron thought he would do the work to get the area ready to put the generator in. It could have been done at the shop where we're getting the generator installed, but, it would have just cost that much more, so that is why Ron did it himself.

Here's what the space looked like before Ron started working on it

Watching Gary Sinise in concert was very cool. We all went in there and sat in our chairs, but, when he came up on the stage, he invited everyone who wanted to, to walk up to the stage. At one point, he invited all the ladies to come up on stage with him, while they played. Ron wanted me to go up, but, I said, "no way!" After the song was done, he shook hands with all who went up there.

The concert lasted about 2 hours and when they played the last song and left the stage, we stomped & clapped and screamed so much, they came back on and they played for another half an hour to 45 minutes. His band played all the theme songs from all three CSI shows and a whole bunch of others and all of them were so good! The concert was free to all who came. He organizes the USO concerts to all the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other places in the world where our military troops are. He thinks so highly of the military men & women, that he gives a lot of his time help them out whenever he can. If any of you out there have a chance to watch him and his band perform, go and see it, it's definitely worth your time.

The bottom picture is from my camera phone and the rest are from our friend Chuck Adams' camera, thanks Chuck!

Saturday, March 20

Well, since we've gotten back from Mexico, we've been parked at our friend's house in the Foothills of Yuma and Ron has been doing little projects on the bus. He finally figured out why we had a short in the tail lights of the Jeep and fixed it, he power washed all the grease off the tow hitch and then, his most ambitious project of all, got the area back by the engine, near the house batteries, ready to put a new generator in. We also have been visiting friends and going to a free Gary Sinise concert at the Marine base here. I've got pictures of Ron working on where the generator is going to go and also of the concert.