Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the last blog post where we were at the beach, I have to give credit to Jeannie, for those were her pictures I posted. The group pics were also taken by other Boomers. I know someone took a picture of Ron's brother, Jim, who came to visit us, but, can't think who, so no picture of him. If I find out who, I will post it later...we also got a picture of the fire ring, all cleaned up and painted by Jim, he did a great job, but, again, where did the picture get to? I took it, but, can't find it...

Right before we left town, our neighbors next
The old one, as it sat on their property
door were finally able to move back into their new mobile.
Out with the old....
They were so happy to get into their new place and a few days later, we went over to see what it looked
In with the new....
like with furniture inside. It was beautiful, a big
All ready to move back in...
difference to what they had been living in for the past 16 years..

Just one more thing, I have to post a couple of pics of our friend, Patsy's car.

Patsy's car, she calls it her little red wagon
It is so unique and she gets positive comments on it
One side of the car is petunias, the other side, sunflowers
wherever she goes.

We finally left Yuma on May 1st and drove all the way to Gila Bend, which is about 105 miles away....

At the Luke AFB Annex Fam Camp in Gila Bend
to visit friends. You may remember me telling you we stopped there on our way to Yuma, back in October.
Taking it easy in the heat
He is working at the paper plant there. As it happened, the two days we were there, he just happened to have them off, so it worked out real fine.
Looking for the restroom, I was greeted by this cute skirt, pretty clever
Being in Gila Bend, there isn't
men's restroom, anyone?
much to see or do, so we took another trip down to Ajo to look through the shops and have lunch at the same place

we did when we were down there in October.

After leaving there on the 3rd, we drove to Benson to stay at the SKP park for the weekend. We got to park on the same street that Jack & Jeanne lives on, just a few sites away. While there, we got together with Dave & Linda, too and we even all went out to dinner at Pinnacle Peak in Tucson, an awesome steak place where all the meat is cooked over mesquite wood.

Dave's very colorful tie
Since Linda & Dave had never eaten there, (but, obviously, had heard about it from someone)....he wore a tie for the occasion, something he picked up from the thrift store for a few
measly dollars. It was a tie with the M&M characters on it and we thought he should have gotten an uglier one for the occasion. You see, for those who have never eaten there, it is a cowboy atmosphere and traditional ties are extremely frowned upon. Why, they will send out a gal, or in this case, a guy, with a big cow
Uh oh, you're in trouble now, Dave!
bell and even bigger scissors and make a big production out of cutting of the offensive tie! We thought the tie was entirely too pretty for that kind of treatment, but, at least the wall it was
That's what you get for wearing that tie
pinned to, looks a lot better now!

Finally, it was time to leave again. We usually stop at some friends who live in Las Cruces, to break up the trip to Texas to visit more friends, but, they were gone this trip, so we just drove right on by. We took the bypass around El Paso, and as we headed east, we took the highway that heads towards the Guadalupe Mountains. It's kind of the desert foothills, so to speak. As we were driving down the

What in the heck is that????
roadway, Ron asked me what were those two spiral white things in the sky in the distance....I'll tell ya, the sight of them scared me, because they looked a lot like mini
OH NO, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!!!! first, I thought they might be
large dust devils, but, they don't have a white spiral going up into the air like that. They were quite a long distance away, thank goodness

Oh, whew! Looks like it's disappearing...
and eventually, they just dissolved away.

Then, a little while later, further up in the mountains, we caught the leading edge of a storm passing by. At the time, we were driving separately, because the mountain grade was just too steep for the bus to pull the Jeep. We both got a couple of good thunks on the top of the vehicles. I had seen these white things breaking apart on the pavement earlier and was wondering what they were, I finally realized they were very big chunks of hail. Thankfully, as I said, we only got a few, and then drove out of it and fortunately, the storm was moving north, we were moving northeast, or we would have had some real damage.

We were going to stop for the night in Carlsbad, but, it was still pretty light, so Ron decided to drive on a little further. We finally stopped in Hobbs, NM, right before going over the Texas state line. When we added up the miles, we had driven a 500 mile day, but, it just didn't seem like we'd driven that far.

We found a nice vacant lot to set up for the night and since it was kinda late, we just had crackers and kipper snacks for dinner. Just a few minutes after we had eaten, we got hammered by another hail storm, but, this one was going right over us. The noise was unbelievably LOUD!!!! Like being in a tin can being pelted by lots of rocks. I couldn't even think & finally had to get up and walk over to the door to look out. You know, I didn't even think about going outside after it was all over to take pictures of the hail, but, I'd say the size was like large marbles. It seemed like it lasted forever, but, probably more like 10 or 15 minutes. We have never been in a hailstorm that lasted more than a few minutes, so this was a first for us. All I was thinking was, "please don't get big enough to smash through the upper windows!". Don't know what we would have done if that had happened.

Since it was pitch dark outside, we could only imagine what the top of the bus and Jeep looked like. Just a few minutes after the hail storm, the local streets were flooding like mad. Fortunately, where we were in the vacant lot, it didn't flood, which was good.

The next morning, we were on our way again. I looked out of the upper eyebrow windows and it really didn't look like the hail had done much damage to the lower half of the rig, but further examination would have to wait until we got to our friend's house, which was later in the morning. We pulled in, got settled and didn't even take the cover off the car until the next day.

We had to clean the cover first, because apparently, we have another leak of some sort and I didn't want to put the cover away dirty. Finally, after it being cleaned & dried right where it sat, we took it off....

Hail damage, if you look closely at these few pics, maybe you can see a little of what happened
I'm not sure if it was because the cover was on and the hail wasn't able to bounce freely off or whether it would have been like that normally, but, it looked like the hood had gotten the worst of it. Thankfully, the windshield didn't even have a crack in it. WHEW!! We looked at the top of the car and it didn't look as bad as the hood, but, according to the insurance agent who came out, he said both the roof & hood will have to be replaced. We also had dents on the passenger side of the car, as well, the wind
You can definitely see a few hard dents, there may be more, hard to see in the lens of a camera
must have been coming from that direction.

Believe it or not, Ron got up on a ladder to look at the top of the bus and pronounced the solar panels and vent covers crack free, can you believe it??? But, there are several cracks in the upper eyebrow windows, so those will eventually have to be replaced. We didn't even put a claim in on those, because the glass shouldn't be that expensive to replace. What's amazing is that the windshield is at a lot more of a slant, it stand to reason it should have had cracks in it, but, maybe the cover prevented that from happening, who knows...

Well, we are coming up on our second week here and we are kind of stuck at the moment. Ron & Troyce discovered our wheel bearings in the front wheels were going out and Ron ordered them last week. They should have been here by now, but, nothing yet, so hopefully, tomorrow, they can track them down.

We've been doing some things around here, the other day we visited Thurber, which is probably about an hour from here. My paternal grandmother was born there back in the late 1890's. It is now a ghost town, but, there is a nice museum telling of the history of the area. It first started out as coal mining town, then, they started making bricks and after all that died out, it was an oil town. I'm guessing that my great grandfather was an itinerant worker, going from place to place, staying a little while to earn some money, then, going on. Didn't think of taking any pictures of the "town", if you want to call it that, they have one restaurant and the stack for the brick making is still there. The museum is across the freeway, along with another restaurant called New York Hill, named after where the wealthy residents of the town lived.

The other day, Ron & Troyce went to fix the tongue on a covered wagon.
Covered wagon heading west
It seems this old guy is traveling the country in a covered wagon and two mules. He's already gone across the country to the east coast, now, he's on his way back west.
The man sitting was the owner of the wagon
The wagon is covered over with wood, with canvas covering that. He's by himself with his dog and his mules. Instead of old wooden wheels, though, he's got regular car tires and while they were over
Fixing the tongue
there, they repacked his wheel bearings for him. I, for one, would have been interested in his stories riding
Replacing and repacking the wheel bearings
in that and how many curious residents came out to see him at each of his
Alright, bucket seats!
stops for the night. Now, that is really roughing it!!!!

His two mules

The wheel bearings finally made their appearance Tuesday and the guys wasted no time about putting them back together. Meanwhile, Ron is trying to figure out where the oil leak is coming from. When we had it in for the repower, (after we first bought it back in 2004), he thinks the guy who did the work, didn't replace the entire transmission oil line, more like he cut the bad piece out and spliced in a new now, Ron has to go hunting to see where it is leaking. He can tell it's been leaking, but, the problem is where is it leaking from. Hopefully, he can find it before we leave here or maybe over at Gere's, where we are headed next. These old buses always have something going on with them, it seems...kinda like a house....

I know it's a little late, but, I told you I was going to post this picture when I got it. It's from last summer when we were working at the Grand Canyon KOA. One of the young men who worked in the cookhouse in the mornings was very artistic and would make waffles shaped like any animal we, (the employees), wanted, the days he worked. I wanted an elephant and he did a really good job, don't you think?
My elephant waffle

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, I just don't know where to begin, I have been neglecting this blog terribly. I noticed we have 8 followers and you are probably getting pretty disgusted with us, as every time you come to see if we have updated, you find that we have not. Sitting in one spot will do that to a person...and instead of going all through what we did since Halloween, I'm just going to hit the highlights, so I can get you all caught up to where we are today.

At Thanksgiving, we went out to Lake Mittry to have dinner with everyone.
Making cranberry margaritas
Our Thanksgiving group shot
At Christmas, we actually took the bus over to the lake to stay the
Ron & Frank playing one of many cribbage games
Pop overs baking in oven
10 days, it was so nice spending time with our
Frank & Gretchen enjoying their pop overs
Boomer friends.While we were gone, brick work continued on the yard.
I made pop overs for the Moores & Knapps on Christmas morning
We're also having gates made for the three driveways and one of these days they are actually going to be done.
Pouring the cement for the addition onto the patio
As of this writing, though, the only gate that's closest, is the main one
Getting it ready to add the bricks
The new addition, the dips in the bricks are for pots with flowers
where we park, the other openings either have a gate that doesn't close or has
With pots and flowers added
none. Even my walkway gate is temporarily
Rons great find while out hiking at Lake Mittry
gone...hopefully, that will get fixed when we
It was in surprisingly good shape!
get back there in Oct/Nov.

Our second annual ladies luncheon at Julianna's Cafe, we had two full tables
Our very first patio/house warming party
We had a patio party for all our Boomer friends a few days before
Ron having fun grilling dogs and visiting with guests
everyone headed off to Quartzsite and as a result, we had a very large turnout, which was great!!!
The group shot
About 64 people made it, 'course, I'm sure it helped that Ron was cooking hot dogs for everyone and everyone brought sides to go with them.
The new bus chimes
It was a beautiful sunny day and by the time everyone got there, we had shade for everyone to sit in. As you will see in the pictures, we had more than enough room for all our friends to spread out and enjoy each others company. We had so much fun, we'll probably do it next year, too, at about the same time.
One of our many dinners we went to after the Wed movies

As we all headed north to Q, we split off and headed to Wickenburg for our annual winter bus rally. We always go a few days early to spend time with friends we haven't seen in awhile and stay at the city park up the hill from where the official rally takes place. It's so quiet and peaceful there and we can look out over the town at night and see the lights.

After the bus rally, we got to Boomerville in Quartzsite a week after it started and so had missed out on quite a lot of the good stuff that had already happened.
One of Quartzsites beautiful sunsets
I don't know why it is, but, it just seems all the good stuff is crammed into the first week of the rally and the second week is not so busy, although this year, it did seem busier than other years. Anyway, what was left to do was still okay.
The participants of the Geraldine contest, with emcee, Connie, dressed as a man
One of the highlights of the rally is the Geraldine show, where men dress up as ladies and it is a real hoot! You are probably wondering...what???? Well, it all started back in the mid 90's, when we were at a small rally in Moab, UT. The girls were going to have a girls night out, with dinner and a movie. One of our male friends, Gerry, wanted to go, so he dressed up as a girl and met us at happy hour.....we all urged him to come with us, but, he decided to opt out, after all. Something about using the restroom...he has since passed on and we do it every year in his honor. In past years, our good friend, Patsy, would emcee it and she did a great job. This year, I guess the torch has passed to another good friend, Connie, who did a fabulous job announcing the different "ladies".

While we were in Quartzsite, we met up Dave

Hanging out on the patio with Linda, Patsy, me & Ron
& Linda, fellow Boomers who have a lot in the Benson SKP park. Since they don't have a motorhome any more, they come up to Q and rent a motel room for the week. They were planning on heading to Yuma for a week and were going to stay at the lodge on the Marine base. We talked
Pegs 'n' Jokers with the Moores & the Albers
them into coming and staying in our mobile and they took us up on it. Also, our good friends, Jack & Jeanne, decided to come visit us, so we told them to come on over and we'd be home from Q in a day or so. So, the night before we headed back home, we had guests in our house having a party without us!!!
Jeanne, Pat, Don, Dave, Linda, Charlie, Dona, Ron & me

It was great having guests at our house and we had lots of fun with them. All throughout the next months of Feb, March & April, we continued getting together with various Boomers,

Ron, me, Kathy, Gene, John & Cathy, Jack & Jeanne
movies, eating out, and playing cards. I have various pics of our good times.

In Ocean Beach
In the middle of all our fun, we took Jack & Jeanne on a day trip to San Diego. I needed to get my hair cut by my best friend and I knew Jack wanted to go to the coast. So, we went to Ocean Beach to walk around, look in some of the shops and look at the surf.
Jeannie found herself a real surfing dude!
We then drove up past Sunset Cliffs and over the hill and dropped down into
Leave to Jeannie to find cactus plants at the beach!
Point Loma/Shelter Island area to have lunch at the Red Sails Inn.
Downtown Ocean Beach looking toward the beach
It was a beautiful day to enjoy the salt air and see the
At Sunset Cliffs, looking back towards Ocean Beach
One more look at the surf before we head out...

Having lunch at Red Sails Inn in Shelter Island
Well, since I haven't posted since mid January, guess I haven't told you we bought a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Our old one had computer problems and with it being already 8 years old and we'd used it pretty thoroughly, I didn't want to have to pay a lot for a part that was going to take 6 to 8 weeks to get there, so off we went to the dealership in town to see what we could find. Have you noticed that most dealerships don't have very many used Jeeps, if at all?
Our new Jeep
We figured we might as well get a new one and it should last us for quite awhile. Of course, this new one has a lot of new bells and whistles on it that the old one didn't have and
Linda, Jeanne, me & Dona celebrating in Algodones, MX
more computer operated stuff than ever, but, can't really get away from that, anyway. That is progress for you...

We found out that the old rack doesn't fit on the new one, so for now, we'll do without it. Also, the towing apparatus on the old one, didn't fit on the new one, so we had to buy a new one...sheesh! We also decided, for the first time since we've been on the road, to buy a "bra" for our car.
Jeep with the new cover on it
The ones that go from the top of the windshield all the way to the bottom of the bumper. Mainly, we got it to keep the diesel from spewing onto our new car.