Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ho hum, it seems I am always apologizing for being behind in my posts, as I am now. Here we are, at our place in Yuma and it is in late February and this poor old blog is stuck somewhere in October at the pumpkin patch. Sooo, I will attempt to get us up to date! The reason I am doing this now is because we are going to have another adventure this summer when we go to work at West Yellowstone KOA in mid May, so I need to get this updated, so I can share with you our adventures on our way up to the park, when we leave here April 1.

When I left you last, I wanted to include a few more pics of our

The rabbits, not babies anymore
animals, so here is the rest of the story.....Hazel was added to our group of goats because she was
Hazel, Iris and Levi
older and liked to be petted in the hopes that the younger ones
Ron scratching the pig's belly
would get the idea that petting is nice! It did work after awhile, in fact, Levi learned to like it a lot, even little Iris finally came to understand
The chicks getting their feathers
that being petted wasn't bad at all.

We are finally done with our pumpki
n patch and very happy

Ron riding his horsey
to be wandering once again. I do miss the sweet little goats, as well as the pigs and their funny antics, BUT, I don't miss
Everybody trying to pile in!!!
cleaning up after them!!! I have a few parting shots of the last days we were there. One of the days, I went into the animal pen with the wagon so I could spread
The pigs are almost as big as the wagon, now!
some clean hay for them. As soon as I emptied the wagon, all of the goats tried to jump in the wagon and one of the pigs almost made it, too. They were so silly! Hazel,
This head is ready to be replaced
the oldest one was trying to chew the side of the wagon, because it was plastic and I gave a ride to Levi, until I got to the gate and then made him get out.
Standing out from where the bus is parked and the patch is waaaay down there....

A few days before we closed for

Looking  back at the bus
the season, we had a customer who works at a small swine
Getting closer...
sanctuary, although, they do have the full sized ones, too. She told us a pig will do anything for raisins and if we throw a towel or some article of clothing into the enclosure, they will play tug of war, all day long. Well, we did find something to throw in there, but, it was too small for them to play tug of war, although they would grab hold of it and shake it around, just like a dog would do, it was so funny!

So, the big animals made us laugh and helped pass the long days when hardly any customers came in. The last day was pretty cloudy and few customers really came in to buy that many pumpkins. Our boss kept popping in from time to time to gather bales of straw, corn stalks, pumpkins and the animals when they had room. He was decorating his yard for his Halloween party that he throws every year for his neighbors and friends. Of course, we were invited too, if we wished to come.

Picking up the goats was no big deal and picking up the first pig wasn't too bad...until it came to getting the last pig. Finally, Ron went in there with the cage they came in and tried to coax it with some pig food. He got her close enough to the cage for the other two guys to surround her and put her in the cage. Our boss said it was the quietest and easiest transfer of pig to trailer he's seen. Unfortunately, during all the grabbing of animals, we didn't have our camera handy for pictures.

We left the lot for the last time
on Thursday, the 1st of November and pointed the bus toward Sacramento. Now, we are parked at fellow Boomers, Ron & Carol Leonard's house to visit
A small hawk looking inside
for a few days. They also have a casita down in Yuma, not very far from where we live and it's nice to see their house up here, too.

Today, we drove to old town

Old train station
Sacramento to visit an old building the train depot is going to fix up with shops and such. They also have just

finished building new ramps to the different tracks going to various cities in California,
Inside the top floor
 which is all underground from the main train station. Looks
Ron, Carol, Ron & me
pretty nice.

After looking at that, we

Old Town Sacramento
walked over to the "Old Town" and walked around looking at
Inside Fat City

the shops and had lunch at Fat City. The lunch was delicious and since I wasn't able to have a drink on my birthday, I had something called a Godiva
Chocolate Martini, made with Godiva chocolate liqueur, dark creme de cacao, vanilla vodka and a splash of creme. As a bonus, they had Godiva chocolate sauce drizzled in swirls on the inside of the glass, yum, yum!!! I think it was the most expensive drink I've ever ordered, but, boy, was it good!

After lunch, we wandered into a salt water taffy store and bought some different flavors, then, went into a chocolate factory where Ron bought some dark chocolate almond bark and then, we all had some ice cream! Talk about a sugar rush!!!

Tomorrow, our friends will take us on a tour about their town as well as doing some other stuff, so I will wait to post about that.