Thursday, August 23, 2007

There is going to be a wall that goes up to the ceiling, which will be part of the closet

The counter that will go all around the toilet and also become the floor of the closet

If you look close, you can see three holes, on the other side is a louver to allow the heat from the inverter to escape out into the room

A better view of the left side cabinet

The inverter is being boxed in, the top of this will be the bottom of the closet

Looking at the very narrow cabinet by the toilet, which will probably house the kitty food bag and litter.

After Ron finished the door, he started building the lower cabinets around the toilet. All he's doing is building the carcasses, then, he wants to order the facing and doors made out of hickory from a cabinet shop nearby.

You barely even notice the door when it's open, it just sticks out a little bit

What the bathroom door looks like from the living room

From the inside of the bathroom, what it looks like closed

This is looking at the bathroom door

Finally, at long last, we were able to pick up some more plywood from Home Depot and Ron wasted no time in building some more stuff, as you will see...

Of course, with the big bush gone, the tower is a lot more obvious now

It looks so different over there now, a lot of the disc golfers are glad it's gone

After about three days hard work

Ron used a foaming spray to get rid of it. He went over there about dusk and noticed a lot of the hornets around the outside of the hole, probably the front guard. Ron pointed the spray nozzle at them so it could go inside the hole and the minute the spray hit them, they fell off dead. It also caved in half of the nest and the next day, they were all dead.

A baldfaced hornets nest

Our boss came over a few days later to see how Ron was doing with it and he was stunned to see how much work Ron had already done to it. While he was walking around it, he put his hand inside the bush to pick some blueberries and quickly drew his hand back. He asked Ron if he'd seen the hornets nest in there and Ron had not. Ron said it was a good thing Tony saw it, or he would have probably had some very angry hornets attacking him the next day. Here is a picture of it, it seems to me quite large

Another view

This bush probably measured about 30 ft across by around 12 ft high

Ron working on the massive bush

August 23

While we were waiting for someone to take us to the lumber yard to get some more plywood, our boss asked Ron to do a project for him. There was a gigantic blackberry bush over by the picnic shelter that he wanted Ron to take out. At first, Ron was wondering how in the world he was going to do it, because as you will see in the following pictures, the bush was quite large. When he first started, he decided to use the machete, but, after hacking through the large vines, he decided it was too hard. So, then, he put the blade on the weed eater and had much better luck doing it that way.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Notice the ocean in the background

I hope you all like the new look, I was thinking the other template was making my pictures look too washed out, now it looks better, I think. Remember when I said we were doing other things rather than working on the bus ALL the time? This next picture shows us out kayaking. We had an absolute blast visiting Frank & Mary Nulty, who are now living in Florence, OR. They are off the road, permanently, as fulltimers.

Our new hickory bathroom cabinet

A closer view

Where we have the inverter is going to be a closet, as well. Ron is going to put up a false wall to hide the inverter and other electronics. The closet will be more like a linen closet, but, it's more room than I have right now, so that will be an added plus.

Where the inverter will be housed

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The drain pipe

This next picture is going to show a pipe coming out of the toilet and will go into the tank in the bay to catch any additional liquid. We already have a holding tank inside the bottom of the toilet to burn off any excess liquid that may accumulate. Since this toilet was made for a family of five in a part time setting, we should really have no problem with any liquid over and above what may drain into the holding tank, but, the brochure says to do it, so we did it.
We're also hoping that when we tilt the panels up, there will still be enough room for it to twirl around without hitting the panels.

This way it's up above the panels and can twirl around in the breeze without hitting anything

You're probably wondering why we didn't run the vent pipe straight up, but, we didn't want it coming out on the side of the bus. When you see this next picture, you'll know why we ran it the way we did.

Ron tied in the gray water vent with the toilet vent

The vent for the toilet

After we took the old bulging wall out, this is the new one, it fits better, too

Thursday, August 16

I know, I know, where have we been? I'm sorry it has taken me so long to put pictures up, but, we've been doing so many other things other than totally working on the bus. As you know, we are building on the inside, so it takes time to figure out where we want everything to go, how it's going to fit, etc. We're kind of working on the bathroom and bedroom area now, and it's been going slow. But, I do have a few pictures to post anyway. Once we get everything figured out, the building of it should go pretty fast. I had told Ron that I was thinking of painting the cabinets, but, then we went to a cabinet shop, where they sell as a factory outlet kind of thing. They had hickory cabinets and I just loved the look, so that is what we're putting in the living room and bathroom. Our time here is growing short and we're not going to have enough time to have more hickory made for the bedroom and kitchen, so guess we'll have to figure out what to do when we come to that part.