Saturday, April 19, 2008

The next project Ron is going to start working on is getting water up to the swamp coolers. The coolers are working, but, with the fans only. We'll be posting pictures soon on how he goes about running the hose up to the coolers and how it all work out. We have been doing lots of watering and the grass is turning greener, he hasn't planted any grass seeds yet, though. We've come into some cooler weather, but, that's not going to last long, I saw the weather online that we will be having temperatures in the high 90's by weeks end. But, we're doing fine, Ron goes into the hot tub after work pretty much almost every day except the weekends, because it's usually too crowded. I've been in it once and haven't been in the pool yet. Now that it's getting warmer, I'll probably start going in to the pool in the morning before I go to work for my late shift.

Now that the water is running, Ron is getting a glass of filtered water

It's nice to see the sprayer is working great, better to clean this big sink with

Hey, it works in the kitchen, too! Now I can clean this dirty sink!

YES!! It works!! We have running water!!!

The hoses on the bottom are going into and out of the water pump

A closer view

This shows the water pump has been added

This is looking under the bathroom sink

The hoses going towards the kitchen sink

One more hose on each side added

How it looks under the kitchen sink, notice the water filter in place

A closer shot

The beginning of running the hoses

Saturday, April 19

It turns out I'm the only one who drove to El Cajon to see my dad, so buying the tile will have to wait until another time. My dad was his own feisty and stubborn self so guess he's going to be alright, which puts my mind at ease. While I was visiting in the big city, Ron was busy at work back at camp. He was busy running the water lines so we could have running water in the bus. The following pictures will show his progression in this area.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

We plan on driving to El Cajon on Wednesday to visit my dad, he's got a slight case of pneumonia and is taking antibiotics and is also on oxygen. I want to see for myself how he is doing and if they are taking care of him properly. While we're there, I'm hoping we'll be able to find some tile for the bathroom/shower so we can get that tiled and done. So, stay tuned for more pictures in the coming days, as Ron still is busy getting everything hooked up.

Another view

The stump that has been beautified!

This is the light in the bathroom with the newly wired vent

Looking at the swamp cooler in the bedroom and the newly wired fluorescent light

A closer look at it

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A view of the swamp cooler in the living room

You can see the two fluorescents in the kitchen, as well as in the living room above

Looking at Ron's wiring panel

The wiring hanging down from the swamp cooler in the living room

The finished look for the vent in the kitchen, all wired up and working well

Saturday, April 12

Since last I posted, Ron has been busy practically every day. Remember seeing that stump out front, well, Ron found some bricks up by the maintenance shed and put them around and then filled in with dirt. We then went to town and bought some vincas, the only flower that loves the sun so much, it can withstand temperatures up to 130 degrees! Amazing, huh? So, I bought lots and put them all around the stump. It looks kind of bare now, but, I'm sure that soon it will all fill in and look lovely. He also fertilized the grass and he's been watering, watering and more watering! Sometime this week, he'll be putting in more grass seed and watering some more. He's also been working on the bus. This last week he's been hooking up the fluorescent lights and the swamp coolers. He still needs to find the right hose fittings so he can start running water through the coolers. He's also been running the drain lines for the bathroom sink and shower. Next up, running the drain lines for the kitchen sink.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is looking from the back of the site, it will be nice being in the shade during the hot summer.

You can just see the small shed to the left of the Airstream

Another view looking southwest

Our new site, we have some green grass already

Thursday, April 3

Since I posted last, we've moved to a different site. The site we're in now is about two rows away from the freeway and is much quieter. Yes, we can still hear the freeway and even see it, but, it doesn't seem to be as loud as it was. We also have a nice view of the alfalfa fields near the campground. We're in the process of greening up the grass, plus, we're going to be planting some more grass seeds, as we'd like to have nice, thick green grass for the summer. So, when you look at the pictures from different angles, it doesn't look like much now, but, it will look better. The main thing we liked about it was the shade tree we are now parked under. The front half is always shaded, which is real nice. Since the air conditioner is towards the back of the rig, the front didn't always get cool, especially if the sun was beating down on it. Now, even though the air conditioner will still be in the sun for part of the day, the front of the rig should stay cooler since it will always be in the shade. We also have a small shed to put our extra stuff into. The other nice thing is we have both rigs on one site, whereas in our old site, we were taking up two sites. You'll see how we have them arranged in the pictures. Ron did manage to hook up one of the swamp coolers late today, but, as of yet, is only using it as a vent. Apparently, when he first turned it on, the fan was hitting part of the shroud, I think he stopped it from doing that, but, he still needs to work on it.