Monday, June 30, 2008

Tomorrow, I will try and take some good pictures of our very green lawn and the bright colored flowers in the middle. I think I will wait until the guy starts laying the floor in the living room to post some more picts. I think that will be Wed.

Looking into the bathroom

The kitchen floor

What a difference, the colored grout makes

In that last picture, the tiles looked pretty much all the same color, don't you think? Now, look at this next picture...

The entryway with the side tiles on

Monday, June 30

Hi again, here it is the end of another month and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July! Tomorrow is our Friday which is always a good thing. Our campground is gearing up for a very busy weekend and on Thursday, which is also our day off, approximately 31 campers will be coming in. Glad I am not working that day, I can just sit back and watch them all roll in...
Okay, we have some more pictures. Today, the guy grouted all the tile, and it's looking really good, even though, I, personally have only seen these pictures. Tomorrow afternoon, I will go in the bus and see how it came out. The pictures look good, I'm sure it will look even better in person. Tomorrow, the grout will be sealed and then, I think, on Wednesday, he will be installing the wood floor in the living room and after that the bedroom carpet and then the flooring will be done! As you will see in the pictures, our tile has a different look, see if you can spot it...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Looking at the bathroom from afar

Looking down the steps towards the front of the bus

Waiting for the grout to be put on

A view of the shower area with the turquoise tiles all around the bottom of where the shower door will be

The tile on the step is down, as well as near the stove and fridge. The other areas under the cabinets won't have tile because of no room for it.

A close up view of the tile on the steps going into the bus. The wood on the left will also have tile on it.

Friday, June 27

I have more pictures to share with you. I think the guy is pretty much done laying the tile, now all he has to do is grout it. He did a couple of things that Ron is not satisfied with, but, now that the tile is down, we'll just have to see how it works out. If we have problems with it later, Ron will fix it with the right tiles in there. I'm also going to try and post a picture of our flowers around the stump tomorrow night. Remember how little they used to be? You are going to be amazed at how big they have gotten, believe it or not, they seem to be thriving in this excess heat around here, that and putting Miracle Grow on them every two weeks!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just to let you know, there is a definite difference between the floor and wall tiles, it's just that with the lighting, you can't really tell. It looks much better in person and you will all see for yourselves when we see you this winter in the desert! I will have more pics to post tomorrow night...

Looking through the kitchen aisle towards the living room steps, the first step will be tiled

The steps going into the bus. See the red on the bottom step? We're not tiling that, we're going to do something different.

A closer look

Notice the beginnings of the turquoise tiles going around the bottom of the rise.

Thursday, June 26

More pictures to see of the tile job. He 's not quite done with the bathroom, but, guess he decided to go ahead and do the kitchen area now. Ron's not quite sure he's happy about how he did the steps, thought it should have been rounded somehow, but, we'll see how it goes. We'll just have to watch where we step, because it looks like they could crack really easily on the end of the steps.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looking at it from this angle, you can see we are very color coordinated.

Adding a little color

Starting the wall tile

Wednesday night

I told you I'd have more pictures to post, and if you think the tile looked good on the last pictures, wait until you see what he did today. I forgot to tell you that last weekends weather got up to 118 degrees!!! And we survived! I don't mind the heat, it's just that I would wish it would get there little by little, not just jump around. It is now around 108, which is normal for this time of year, I know it's going to get into the 120's, but, hopefully, that is a few weeks away yet, like later in July or August...I'll let you know how we're surviving when it does get that hot. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and just be glad you don't have to deal with our heat...

The easy part is done, next up, creating a curved berm for the shower doors to sit on...

A closer look

The beginnings of the tile work

This is the shower pan that acts as a moisture barrier

What it looks like from the back, notice the red & blue water hoses

What the shower fixture will look like

Wednesday, June 25

Hi everyone, wow, didn't think it would take me this long to get back to you all. The last post, we had most of the backer board up and were waiting for our tile guy to come out to start the job. Well, we found out just recently that he had to go back to Italy for some family problems that came up, and won't be back until Sept. We can't wait that long, so hired some local tile setters from a tile store right here in Blythe. He started yesterday!! Before he came, Ron put the faucets in the wall, so he managed to get a couple of pictures of that. He's working today as I write this and we'll probably have even more pictures to put up tomorrow, but, I will show you how it's looking so far...