Friday, February 19, 2010

A great ending to all of our days down in Mexico, thank you Cathy Robnik for organizing this trip, we had a fantastic time and can't wait to go again!

Yep, looks like everyone is really enjoying their tacos

On Sunday night, quite a few of our folks went taco stand hopping with Russ, the same guy who took us on our city tour. We didn't go because we had some food we needed to eat up before leaving Mexico. But, I did get some pics from the ones who went and it sounded like all had a great time.

Frank Gruelle, John Robnik, Bill Rayner, Joel, Carl & Joey Christiansen, Bea Marler & me

Our RV park in the distance

We had quite a following of seagulls on our way back to port, but, it was in vain for them. Each fish that was thrown back in the water sunk as soon as it hit and the seagulls couldn't do anything about it. I was surprised the pelicans weren't out there with us, they would have had a field day with all those fish carcasses, but, nooo, they didn't chime in until we got back almost to the it was, they just got some fish skin when they could get it away from the seagulls.

Let the cleaning begin, first he filets the fish...

A close up of the trigger fish we were catching...we heard it was a distant relative of the pirahna

Frank Gruelle with one of his many fish he caught that day

I think I was the only one on board that was fishing with my camera around my neck. It was tricky trying to hold my rod, while also trying to take pictures of my friends catching their fish. At one time, the helper came to my rescue, holding my rod while I took pictures.

Pulling out of port and passing a boat launch

I'm sure the margaritas at the restaurant were much better tasting than the ones we had on the dinner tour, but, I didn't drink any because early the next morning, Saturday, I was going fishing with some of the others and I wanted to feel good.

The boat we went on was a pretty big one and there were eight of us on board, plus the captain of the boat and the helper. We started out at 8AM and went about 9 miles out. At first, it was clear, but, we started going through some pretty dark clouds and I was afraid it would start raining. Fortunately, by the time we got out to the place we were going to fish, the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day.

The beautiful cake and it tasted good too!

This was one of three groups who came in to play for us and sing happy birthday to Sue

Some of the great dinners that were served

It was nice having dinner right next to where we were staying because we could walk there. Again, we had free flowing margaritas for everyone, thanks to Ken Pace. There was also a guy there making balloon creations for everyone at the table. Another great night was had by all, topped off with a beautiful and delicious cake.
This is what I get for trying to post to the blog and watch the Olympics at the same time, some of the pictures are out of sequence....the trip to the bakery and port were on the same day. I can't remember if it was before the dinner cruise or after, but, it really doesn't make much difference. I do know we went on the dinner cruise on Thursday night, because Friday night was the birthday dinner & party for Sue Pace at the local restaurant right next to the RV park.

Here she is on her special day, enjoying the game of dominoes with husband, Ken, and friends, Joey Christiansen & Nancy Asplund. Notice her pink crown...