Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One more thing, we will be workamping this summer at the Grand Canyon KOA. We are the nearest KOA to the Canyon, near Williams. If anyone thinks they might be passing by or be in the area this summer, we'd love to get together with you.
The community building has a kitchen and an area where we can gather for dinners, cards or whatever. It's usually cold up in Wickenburg like I've mentioned before, so we want to be inside, but, this year, we could have stayed outside it was so beautiful.

After the bus rally was over, we drove back down to Quartzsite to our Boomer rally that we go to every year and stayed another week. I didn't take any pictures there, because I never do, we've been there so much. But, we had lots of potlucks, seminars on different topics, card games, and other stuff going on. We had a great time there, as always.

Now, we are back in Yuma, staying in the Thaden's driveway again. The corner lot next to our friends finally was sold and the new owner put a new brick wall between the two properties, it looks real nice now. I thought Ron had taken pictures, but, the only ones he has are the ones where they guy is doing the footing. I'll have to take some pictures to show you how nice it looks.

I'm also back into clogging on a regular basis. There is a clogging instructor who spends her winters in Yuma and she teaches at 4 RV resorts around town. Last Saturday, there was a clogging workshop put on by my old clogging instructor from San Diego, Lelia and her husband, Russ. It was GREAT!!! I spent the whole rainy day clogging my feet off and learning new steps. I'm hoping I will be able to attend a few of her classes while we're in the San Diego area. I didn't really think about it, but, guess I should have brought my camera to record some of the cloggers, but, didn't think about it. I'll try and remember when I go next time.

Ron & I both came down with colds this week, he got his a few days ago and is starting to feel better, I'm just now coming down with it. On Friday, I'm supposed to be going to the doctor to have my ingrown toenails taken out on both big toes. I'm hoping I feel okay, because I really don't want to have to postpone it.

On March 7th, we are leaving Yuma and heading to Pio Pico, which is a Thousand Trails campground, which we are a member of. It is located between Jamul and Chula Vista in San Diego County. We'll be there for three weeks, visiting friends, family and doing stuff around the San Diego area.

We'll be taking lots of pictures so you, too, can see what we are doing. Thanks for hanging in there with me, even though I haven't been very diligent about updating this blog very regularly, I'll try to do better...

See the building? That is why we like to come here...

You can see the wall in the background where the bypass goes

In years past, we have parked all the buses together and the SOBs, (some other brand), parked elsewhere. This year, everyone was parked together.
We haven't had the bus rally in Wickenburg for the last three years, because they were building a bypass around the town to take a lot of the traffic away from the downtown area. They were using the parking lot of the community center for the work trucks. So, we've been having our rallies in Quartzsite until we could go back. This year was our first year back and the parking lot was a lot smaller than we remembered it being. Not only was it small, but, now it was noisy with all the traffic going by in back of us, plus the rates had gone up by $10. I'm sure it will be here from now on, but, I liked it better before they put the bypass in.

Back at camp, another beautiful Arizona sunset

Another beautiful shot of the scenery on our way out of the Sedona area.

As we were driving out of town on our way back to Wickenberg, we couldn't help noticing all the roundabouts they had built to replace four way stop signs, one right after the other. In fact, as we were coming across Rte 60 between I-10 and Wickenburg, there was a new roundabout being built in the middle of nowhere. They certainly don't have the RV'er in mind when they build these things, because they were pretty small to get around.

Takiing a break, eating ice cream and enjoying the view

Enjoying some of the "art" around town

Driving into Sedona

Leaving Jerome...

Jerome was quite the quaint little mountain town. I told Ron I wouldn't mind staying at the Thousand Trails park in Cottonwood, so we can go back and spend the day there, poking around in all the little shops.

Our next stop of the day was Sedona, another place we have never been to. The red rocks in the area were beautiful, as was the day. We had lunch at a Greek Restaurant near Cottonwood, then, drove on into Sedona and enjoyed the beauty of the area while eating ice cream on the main drag.

A clever way to get people to stop in to see the history of Jerome

This sundial was pretty accurate

Walking around town

John Showman, me, Lynn Diaz, Charlie LaMar, and Jan Dutton (Ron was taking the picture)

Prescott was a little cool, but, that was because it was still morning when we got there. Our next stop of the day was Jerome. Ron & I have never been in this part of the state before, so it was exciting seeing some of the places we have only heard about from friends.

Walking around downtown Prescott

Our first stop of the day was Prescott. I had brought my heavy Flxible jacket along and had put it in the back of the car. I didn't know it, but, apparently, John's ice chest had had a leak and the entire carpet in the back had gotten wet, so I put on my jacket and the bottom half, plus part of my sleeve was wet. I knew it would get the rest of my clothes wet, so I never wore it. Fortunately, John had an extra jacket I could wear, so I wore that. I was really thinking it was going to be colder than it actually was, only because we were up in the higher elevations, but, the day turned out to be great!

Snow in the pass

We had a great week, visiting, taking day trips around the area and eating Jere's hobo stew that we always have every year. One of the days, a group of about 6 of us drove up to Prescott, Jerome & Sedona. A fellow member, John, took Ron, Margie & I in his rental car and Charlie & Lynn rode his motorcycle. Good thing Charlie and Lynn were well dressed, because we got up to around 6,000 ft and there was snow up there!

My new solar lights of a butterfly and a dragonfly

Our site looked over the town of Wickenberg

We got there on a Friday and stayed two nights. It wasn't too busy yet, as the big RV tent hadn't opened up yet, but, there were plenty of vendors open for business. We met up with Ken & Maryanne Watson, who were selling Magne-Shades windshield shades. Margie even bought one from them. It was going to take three weeks to get it, so we haven't even see how it looks yet.

On Sunday, Margie's niece, Becky & husband, Phil, had to leave to go back to work the next day, so we all decided to leave and drive up to Wickenburg. It was a very pleasant drive and we couldn't believe the weather was so warm. Usually, in years past, when we've had the rally up there, it's been very cold and windy, but, this year was definitely an exception.

When we got up to the campground, fellow members Jere & Ronnie Brannon and Ted & Jeri Nowell were already all settled in. We all found a spot to park and found out that when Charlie parked his bus, his alternator had died, again. Apparently he'd had problems with it on the way out to Quartzsite. So, he was going to have to take it apart again and try to fix it before he could drive it again.

Charlie's Clipper and our VL=100 in Quartzsite

Wednesday, Feb 23

Hi everyone! Sitting in one spot at a friend's house isn't too exciting day in and day out, but, we did manage to get away in mid January. The Flxible bus rally was coming up, so we left here about a week before it started and made a stop in Quartzsite to meet up with fellow bus member, Margie Valles who was in Q, visiting her niece and husband with their RV. Another member, Charlie and his girlfriend, Lynn showed up as well. They were the hosts who were putting on the bus rally. We thought we'd all caravan up to the city park in Wickenburg to meet other bus members for a pre-rally.