Monday, May 6, 2013

We left Yuma on April 17th, going first to San Diego to stay at our membership park for a week to visit with friends and family, then it was up to Riverside area to visit more friends and family. We were going to stay a week, but, needed some maintenance done to the bus up in Oak Hills, (near Victorville), at Charlie & Lynn's house, they are members of our bus club. Good thing we went up there, because Charlie found some more stuff that needed to be fixed. We had a good four days up there, visiting, four wheeling, eating together and another friend of ours, Margie came up on Monday afternoon to spend one night. So now our brakes are adjusted, we got new oil and filters, as well as fan belts and new bearings to run the fan pulley.

We are now in Las Vegas, got here last Wednesday and will be pulling out this Wednesday for an overnight stop at the Cedar City KOA. As KOA workampers, we can get vouchers to stay at KOA's on the way up to our jobs, so we picked Cedar City because we want to look it over in case we might want to work there next summer. It is near Bryce & Zion Nat'l Parks. Don't know how hot it gets there, don't want to be too hot, that summer in Blythe was enough HOT for us!

Taking the glass out
We FINALLY got new eyebrow windows for our bus a few days ago. If you'll remember, they were damaged in that hail storm we were in last May while enroute to our visit our friends in Texas. Ron spent
Inside looking out, no window!
one morning calling all around and it seems no one cuts their own glass anymore. Finally, he found one, they came right out, looked at it, measured them and told us they would be back in an hour, take our windows out, using them as their pattern and cut them out on the spot, which they did.
Cleaning out the tracks prior to installing the new glass
They did a great job! Now, all we need is to get them tinted, but, that may have to wait until we get back to Yuma in Nov/Dec. No matter, we'll probably want all the bright light we can get into our coach in the cold north.

We met our good friends, Dan & Jenny, (they live a few blocks away from us in Yuma), we both got up here on the same day. Had a few nights of cards, eating out at one of the casinos and a dip in the pool. They left a couple days ago to have some maintenance done on their rig up in Utah. We may get together with them when we get to Salt Lake City on Thursday.

 When we leave here, I'll be taking pics, as we've only been north on I-15 once before, back in '09. Once we leave I-15 at Idaho Falls and start heading north on Hwy 20, that will be all new territory for us.


Anonymous said...

So, exactly where are you working this summer? I wasn't sure from the blog.
I arrived in Ketchikan, AK 8 days ago, without my motorhome. Less expensive to live in employee housing. And left car behind too, so I am getting plenty of exercize. In training to be naturalist aboard a catarman doing day tours. Beautiful country and, as rainy as Ketchikan can be,have just had a couple of gloriously sunny days.
In Idaho Falls, the Elks Lodge is a good place to stay. Folks were super helpful. Are you working in YNP or West Yellowstone as that is where Hwy 20 takes you. That was the route I usually took in the spring

Betty Prange said...

See from the mention of Idaho Falls and Hwy 20 you are headed towards YNP. But wasn't sure where you are working this summer. Elks in Idaho Falls is a handy place to stay.

I am in Ketchikan, AK. Arrived 8 days ago, in midst of training. Will be Naturalist aboard a catamaran doing day tours...mostly large cruise ship passengers. Left motorhome and car in CA.....will certainly get my exercize this summer...hope to lose weight and get in shape! This place is noted for rain, but the two days I have done the Misty Fjords training it has been spectacularly beautiful. Need to update my blog, although do take a look at the latest one.

dorrieanne said...

We stayed in the Cedar City KOA for about a week in 2005 in mid-July. My expenses database tells me that it was $38.xx a night even way back then! We enjoyed the area, leaving our diesel pusher in the campground and taking the Sportsmobile out into the wilderness for a few overnights! Great fun! Would go there again, but afraid to look at the prices nine years later! ;->

Virtual hugs,