Monday, May 6, 2013

We spent about a week visiting with Ron & Carol, then, moseyed on down the road, headed towards San Diego, with overnight stops in Visalia, just for one night, a week stop in Menifee at the Thousand Trails to visit friends and relatives and a couple weeks at the Thousand Trails in the San Diego area, spending Thanksgiving with family. We finally made it home to Yuma before the end of November.

Over Christmas we decided to go out to Lake Mittry, which is about 20 miles away, with fellow Boomer travelers. Before we left the house, we had Boomer friends, Chuck & Jan, staying in our driveway, they were on their way to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, to help with the floats. They were staying until the day after Christmas to attend the dinner out at the lake.

Christmas morning, Chuck was watering our trees when he heard the hot water heater running and thought it was a bit odd, since we weren't home. He called Ron and told him, "I think you have a problem." So, Ron left the lake and came home to check it out. As he walked around the front windows of the mobile, he saw condensation dripping down, thinking, "uh oh, this doesn't look good!". Sure enough, there was standing water in the bathroom, hallway and into the bedroom
carpet. The pipe going into the shower burst and water was flowing out of the bottom of the cabinet and onto the floor. Ron turned the water off, kind of wiped
How it looks under our floors
up a bit, not realizing we could have called the insurance 24 hours a day to report the problem. Instead, he came back out to the lake to tell me what happened. The next morning we both went
Water damage in pantry and half of kitchen
back to check out the damage. Of course, by the time we got there, all the water had disappeared into the floor, down the heater ducts & into the flooring under the carpeting. Another friend,
A whole different view of our bathroom
Gene, came over with his extractor and got as much water out of the carpet as possible, then, we pulled up the carpeting and put the fan on it to blow to dry out the floor. Ron called the insurance companyand they gave
Putting the cement board down
Ron the number to call a local restoration company to come out.

We decided when we got back out to the lake,
we would just come home the next day and take care of getting the flooring fixed, which is what we did. Ron decided instead getting someone else to re-do the plumbing, he would do it himself and save a ton of money. So, while the
Friends, Troyce & Lisa visiting with us
restoration guys were doing their thing, Ron was doing his thing. The whole project to get our house back to the way it was before the flood was about a month and a half.

We are very pleased with how everything came out. We decided to upgrade the flooring and installed
tile throughout the whole mobile and now it looks bigger inside and it's very easy to keep clean, that's for sure.

We did make it up to Quartzsite for our annual bus rally, it was very small this year, smaller than normal, the weather probably had something to do with it, as it was colder than normal. Both Ron & I were sick, so we didn't go out much and socialize except at the dinners. We should have stayed home, but, Ron was determined to go...I felt so awful that I didn't even visit any of the vendors and this is probably the first time I haven't gone to Hardies bead shop in years.

We usually join the Boomer rally during the second week, but, as we still had workers coming over to the house doing things, we felt we needed to go back home. Wouldn't you know, this particular year, since the weather was too cold to do much of anything outside, most of the activities at the Boomers was the second week, so we missed it all, drat!!!

Here in Yuma, we've been having our normal get togethers at each other's houses, Wed movies & dinner afterwards, card games, etc. We're starting to wind down the winter

Roadrunner on our back wall
season, getting excited about leaving for our next workamping adventure in West Yellowstone. Our departure date has been pushed to the middle of April, as we plan on taking our time getting up there, staying at some of our Thousand Trails parks on the way. Sitting here in mid March, dealing with 90 degree temps, I just can't wrap my head around having snow on the ground! We'll probably have our heater on more than anything else, doubt if we'll even need our air conditioning there, as we'll be up at 6600 ft. But, being around that beautiful area for the entire summer is going to be wonderful.

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